Thursday, July 10, 2008

Direct Affront to God

On August 25, 2008, the new BOK Center in Tulsa has decided to do a "Traditional Indian Blessing" before the opening of their new convention hall. I would like to say that I strongly protest this event on the grounds that it is a direct offense to God.

I am not saying this on racial grounds, for I, myself, have Cherokee blood. However, I denounce the pagan practices by my ancestors and by the living tribe. I proclaim that instead of a blessing, the BOK Center will be bringing down a curse upon them, for they do not ask a blessing from God, but from their spirits.

We, as Oklahomans, are much too nonchalant when it comes to embracing pagan practices. It isn't politically correct to call Native American religious practices "Pagan" but that is exactly what they are. We tend to look at Native American culture as "tradition" or "natural", but if it doesn't worship God, then it is NOT OF GOD!

Perhaps this sounds a bit strange coming from me. Perhaps you have never heard me talk this way before. Well, it is because I am tired of compromise. I am tired of people being wishy-washy and claiming to be Christian, but then practicing paganism.

Fellow Oklahomans, get off the fence! It is either God or it is not God. You cannot be both Christian and practice traditional Indian religions. Look at Commandments 1 and 2!

I call upon the City of Tulsa, the directors of the BOK Center, the Bank of Oklahoma, and the Kaiser family to stop this affront to God.
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