Friday, March 14, 2008

Audrey Home Safe!

Last night, we went to Tulsa to meet Audrey at the airport. She arrived safely from Washington, DC, via DFW. She looked good, but was very tired. We were all so happy to see her! Her sister had a bouquet of flowers for her.

We stopped at El Chico's to celebrate her homecoming. When we got home, she found that her mom had decorated the house with baloons and banners. She presented us with gifts; a civil war era (replica) rag doll from Harper's Ferry for Emily, a silver bell with the US Capitol Building on top for Mom; and a cool coffee mug with scenes from DC for Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Audrey I'd love to hear about her trip! Glad she is home safely. My older two headed out this morning for their Guerrero mission trip. Long day of driving to their host church in SW Texas. Enjoying the one on one with Miss Madison who yesterday did "locks of love" and cut all her "curly locks" off to send to the organization. Some little child is probably going to have to put up with that mess of hair but will likely be grateful to have a wig. : ) It sure changes the way "Curly Locks" looks though.