Saturday, February 10, 2007

Perpetual Cycle

The circle goes on and on. Once again, we are packing up our house. We found out yesterday, after talking with the folks at my office, that we will need to move out of our apartment since we will be gone for 9 months and the apartment will be rented out. We will need to find a new place to live when we return. We weighed this out and decided it was in the best interest of our family to do this, even though we lose our 'huge' apartment.

So, we brought some boxes home yesterday and this morning, we packed all of our China and crystal. We have all culled our clothes closets and Audrey and Emily are going through their toys. For only the first day of work, we have gotten off to a great start. We moved the hide-a-bed into the living room, behind our other couch to give us a "storage" room to stack our boxes in. I'll post some pictures when there is something to look at.

Sally says it seems like all she ever does is either pack or unpack!

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