Sunday, February 04, 2007

Less than 4 months to go

We have less than 4 months to go before we arrive in Oklahoma for a 7 month stay. We'll be staying in the home shown above which is right next door to my Mom and Dad in Ft. Gibson, OK. It is right on Ft. Gibson Lake. Dad has a couple of docks and boats and hopefully, we'll get our fill of fishing.
We will be arriving in TUL on June 2 at about 9:45 pm. We all can't wait to see our family and friends!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, okay it is official. Great place. We are asking to visit you to fish and swim sometime between August 10-14 or 18-19. We hit Stillwater on August 9. 9 months out of South Asia!!!!!!!!

P.S. 3 tries to send this!