Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just Sad, so sad

Last year, and for the previous all the years of my life, I have had a yard to decorate. Well, OK, I lived in HK before and I lived in apartments in Los Angeles. But other than those 5 years or so, I have always lived where I could decorate the yard and the roof and maybe get a little carried away. But now, we live in a high-rise in Hong Kong and, well, you just can't decorate the roof when you live in a high-rise.

Last year, when we lived in Chiang Mai, kids in my neighborhood even called our house the "Christmas House". That was really cool. You can look at a picture of those lights here.

This year, well, it is just sad. I have a few strands of twinkle lights in the windows. Whoop-ti-do!
With the moon
From the street
Full building shot
Close up (you can see the tree)
From inside

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