Friday, December 22, 2006

Casino Royale - Wow!

Sally and I went to a morning matinee of Casino Royale today. Wow!

It was violent. It was cool. It was action-packed. Daniel Craig was convincing. Eva Green was enchanting.

It is definately not Pierce Brosnan, in that, this Bond is super-tough. It isn't Sean Connery, inasmuch as this Bond isn't super-suave. It shows how cold-hearted Bond is. It shows how tender he can be. He doesn't have a lot of high-tech toys and he misses often when he jumps. And he get hurt. Hurt REAL bad. Q isn't in this one. I like Q.

Actually, the violence was a little too real and a little over the top for me. It, quite frankly, bordered on the "shocking" level for me. Certainly not a movie to take the kiddos to.

I overheard some kids talking about it later in the day, repeating what they had heard other adults saying about the movie. One said her French teacher said "it was lame". LAME? It wasn't lame.

I liked the movie, despite the violence. I look forward to seeing what Daniel Craig can do and how they develop 007 in his fashion. I hope they tone down the violence and bring back Q.

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