Friday, December 01, 2006

A Hard Act To Follow

Today, I was the guest reader for my kids' school read-a-thon day. They invited professionals from the community to come and read a story to a couple of classes and to tell them how reading plays into my job.

They had airplane pilots, firemen, policemen, rescue workers, doctors, a chef, a professional musician, an artist, a pro soccer player, etc. Everyone looked pretty cool all lined up in their uniforms. Everyone except me. I (thankfully) don't wear a uniform. Anyway, I read a book to a class, then went down to the next class. (each class got two different readers) As I was waiting for the other guy to finish so that I could go in, the guy in the next class finished. He was the chef. His is the executive chef at the JW Marriott in HK. (just the kind of folks I like to meet!) He gave out chef hats and home-made cookies to everyone in the class. I am sure glad I didn't have to follow him, or the kids would have been disappointed!

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