Thursday, October 12, 2006

Catastrophe Averted

Well, maybe not a catastrophe, but perhaps a tragedy. Well, maybe that is a bit too strong, too. How about, last night we avoided a really nasty nuisance. It all began 1 year ago when we went to Reasor's in Tulsa and bought what we thought was 2 years worth of Griffin's syrup. For those of you outside the Oklahoma umbrella, you might not have heard of Griffin's, but let me assure you, they will serve it in Heaven!

Anyway, back to the story. Sally wasn't feeling exceedingly wonderful, so I was going to fix my famous (?) waffles. As I was getting everything "set up", I couldn't find the opened bottle of Griffin's that we keep in the fridge. I went into a near panic, because, after all, Log Cabin just ain't the same. I searched in every kitchen cabinet, behind every roll of paper towel, all I could find was some maple flavored syrup like substance that we had to pick up in Thailand when we really did run out there. Anyway, I pulled out the Thai syrup and tasted it to make sure it hadn't fermented. (That can be a NASTY surprise on a nice stack of pancakes, let me tell you!) Anyway, it was OK. All this time, Sally was laying down because she wasn't feeling great. She finally came in the living room and I was ranting about the tragedy of having to use the Thai syrup. She calmly went to the laundry room, opened up the cabinet door above the washing machine, and voila, our own little stash of Griffin's.

Like I said, catastrophe averted.


Anonymous said...

So.... Youre not only a coffee snob, youre a syrup snob too?

Rick Boyne said...

Craig, Craig, Craig.... I am NOT a coffee snob! I will admit to being a syrup snob, however.