Monday, June 12, 2006

They Knew I Was Coming!


Krispy Kreme announced yesterday tha the first of TWENTY KK stores will open next month in Causeway Bay, right here in Hong Kong! How about that!

That was the very first piece of news I learned when I came into the office this morning, right here in HK, to work on other things. Krispy Kreme. Here! Oh My Goodness!

We arrived last evening after a delightfully uneventful flight to HK. We got into our guesthouse flat at about 9 pm and enjoyed a huge thunderstorm for most of the night.

We trampled off to McDonald's for breakfast (they don't serve breakfast at McD's in Thailand).

It appears we are off to a good start.


JasonC said...

Of course, you know you have to follow in Lisa's footsteps and buy for the whole office on Fridays.

Morgan said...

And while you're at it, send a few over our way.