Thursday, June 29, 2006

Life in HK #1

Living in Hong Kong is exciting. It is a city that seems to be alive. Much has changed in the 17 years since I lived here before. One thing that hasn't however, it the Star Ferry.

In my opinion, the Star Ferry is still the best bargain on the planet. For HK$2.20 (US .28 cents) you can take a first class ticket voyage from the tip of Kowloon Penninsula to the Heart of Hong Kong Island. Granted, it only lasts for 10 minutes or less, but it has views that are worth a LOT more.

Imagine sitting on the upper deck of a huge ferry out in the middle of Victoria Harbour. HK Island to the front and Kowloon to the rear. A gentle breeze refreshing the trip, unless of course, you elect to ride in the air conditioned cabin. The ferry is gently rocked by the waves of other vessels transiting the harbour.

The Star Ferry is one of the little things that makes Hong Kong special. It's the best 28 cents you'll ever spend!

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