Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More important than burritos

I think this sign sums up the failure to understand the gravity of the situation. If this man thinks the whole immigration issue is about trivialities like burritos, he is dead wrong. It is about the legal right to enter a country after going through all the "hoops".

I just got word that my Hong Kong visa is ready. I (and many others helping me) had to jump through bunches of hoops to live in Hong Kong LEGALLY. It irks me to think that folks think they can cross the border into the US then live off our "gravy train" without paying taxes or taking any civil responsibilities. I really do understand what it is like to live in a poor nation, but they must still jump through the hoops.

Do those who are planning these large protest events not think that everyone who lives in the USA is not decended from immigrants (including the native Americans)? Someone has dropped the ball in the thinking process. They are aiming straight for the emotional jugular vein.

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