Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sumatra Earthquake/Thailand Tidal Wave

A HUGE earthquake (8.9 on Richter Scale) hit an area off the coast of Sumatra this morning triggering a 30 ft tall tidal wave that swept across the western coast of Thailand. We are 1087 miles north of the epicenter. Here is a link of the USGS Event Map. My younger daughter, Emily, wanted to know why someone was shaking her bed. Otherwise, the shaking lasted for about 60 seconds and was very mild, with no reported damage in Chiang Mai. We have a friend who was on a boat in a cove in Phuket when it hit. She said the water literally emptied out of the cove and the boat sat on the ocean floor. Fortunately for her and the other passengers, the cove protected them from the tidal wave and they were all safe. As of this writing, they are estimating that 2200 people have lost their lives from the tidal wave and earthquake. I fear to see what tomorrow's news brings.

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