Friday, December 03, 2004


Saturday, Oklahoma is supposed to play Colorado for the Big 12 Championship. What a load of huey! Oklahoma is undefeated and Colorado is 7-4. Just because there are two divisions in the conference shouldn't have to mean that an undefeated team can't be number one without playing the other division. This is insane! How can a 7-4 team be the champion even if they beat the undefeated team? Colorado is 4-4 in the conference. Even if they beat OU, they would still be 5-4 in the conference and OU would be 8-1. Common sense says OU should be the champ with OR without a "championship" game.


Blog ho said...

It is, and always has been a spoiler game, and as I am a Utah fan, I hope OK loses.

Rick Boyne said...

I guess you are disappointed.