Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Horrific Totals

Reuters now reports that 63,000 people have lost there lives in this disaster. There is a website that lists victim status for tourists and residents in Thailand here. CNN reported last night that of the 1010 people killed in Thailand, that over 700 were tourists from other countries, mostly European. I read today where the death toll in Thailand was now over 1500, but is expected to climb dramatically. Of course, it no where compares to the tens of thousands killed in India and Sri Lanka. There were more than 60 killed by the waves in East Africa.

I am getting email from people I don't even know asking about how things are here in Thailand. Here in Chiang Mai, we simply have not been physically affected by the disaster. We are nearly 1100 miles from the epicenter, and approximately 250 miles from the ocean with a mountain range between us. Generally, in Thiailand, only the Southern provinces that border the Andaman Sea have been affected. I have place a map of Thailand below to help see what it looks like here.

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