Tuesday, October 07, 2014

When Tolerance is Hate

"Live and let live" - in other words, don't judge. In other words, take care of yourself and let other people worry about themselves.

If we take this to its logical conclusion, it is a message of hate.

These words have been spewed at me whenever I quote the Bible about righteousness, specifically morality, even more specifically, homosexuality.  People say things like, "if you don't want to marry a person of your same sex, then don't do it, but don't tell others they can't." (Live and let live)

On the surface, this is a message of tolerance. But actually, it is a message of hate.  When we apply it to the problem of so-called gay marriage, it is tolerance. If it is applied to the different problem of hunger or poverty or taking care of AIDS patients, the same message would end up sounding like, "live and let die." In other words, I didn't get them into that mess, why should I care about them at all?

I know what you're thinking and my answer is, "Oh yes it IS the same!"

What if we applied the "live and let live" philosophy to children? "Oh, let them play in the street after dark!" "So what if they want to play with a loaded shotgun?" "Live and let live" right?

Certainly not! In those cases, it WOULD be "live and let die!"

Well, what if, as little children, people didn't know right from wrong? What if, by telling them what God has to say about righteousness, morality and sin, they gain insight and perhaps conviction that what they are doing goes against what God has to say about it? What if, by warning them of the consequences of their actions you are actually demonstrating love?

It is my opinion that to remain silent about sin is to show hate. I have friends and relatives who practice homosexuality. I love them enough to tell them what God doesn't approve. It should make no difference at all whether or not I approve; it isn't really about me.

But if I really believe that there are eternal consequences for actions on earth, then out of love I am going to at least mention that fact.

If I didn't care at all, I'd "Live and Let Live."

But, I'm called to love, not just tolerate.

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