Monday, April 28, 2014

FaceBook Friends and Former Friends

I just glanced through the "suggested friends" or "people you may know" list on FaceBook.

I am a bit melancholy now.

I saw several people who used to be friends, but have defriended me for whatever reason. There were more than I care to admit.

Some of the people I was aware that they had defriended me. It was a surprise to see some folks, whom I thought I was friends with, on that list.

Some of the folks are former church members who left the church and defriended me because someone who got mad at me for some reason or another told them to and they obeyed.

Some are people who defriended me because they disagree with my politics or religion or both.

Some, well, I have no idea why they defriended me.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were people that I'd met on the internet, but these were people I know in real life. Some of whom I performed their wedding.

Pride is a horrible thing. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, but I won't apologize for my faith or taking a stand for what I believe.

I'm certainly not going to defriend someone because I disagree with their politics!

FaceBook is a strange, strange thing.

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