Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stay Away from Keystone Chevrolet

Last Friday, Sally and I both had the day off and the kids were with my sister, so we decided to do a little window shopping/test driving of used cars. We had seen the TV ads for Keystone Chevrolet in Sand Springs, OK. Their ads should have told us what they would be like.

It was, perhaps, the worst car shopping experience I have ever had. Under no circumstances will I ever step foot on their car lot again and highly urge you to do the same.

The young salesman, Bentley, was nice enough and I am sure he was just following mis-directed company policy, up to a point. However, he would not give us a price on the used car we were looking at. We asked what they were asking for it and he said he'd have to go inside to get it. We went for a test drive and he told us all about his personal problems. (Sally and I get that a lot) As we pulled back in the lot, he suggested we pull into the first parking place and come inside with him to get the price.

I can handle myself with car salesmen. The more experience I gain with them, the less I put up with their antics. He herded us into his cubicle, sat us down and proceeded to fill out some sort of "contact form". I protested and said all we wanted to know was the price they were asking for the car. He said it was company policy to fill out that form and he would get our price right after it was complete. (This is where I should have gotten up and left, but I learned that for next time). He went and got the price for the car, which was about $3000-3500 more than what it should sell for. Then the dumbest question that car salesmen ever came up with was asked: "What's it gonna take for us to get you into that car TODAY?"

I explained, as I have with most car dealers in NE OK, that we were just looking and never bought a car without time to think and pray about it. This is when the young man got indignant and began to rant about our not being serious and why would we test drive the car and ask about the price if we weren't serious about buying that car. That's when I stood up, said "thank you" and walked out the door. (BTW, they never offered to drive us to the far side of the lot where our car was parked)

I cannot believe that the sales manager didn't see what was going on and how Sally and I were shaking our heads in disbelief as we exited the showroom. I cannot believe that the sales manager didn't follow a couple out of the showroom who were visibly upset by the transactions of the sales staff. Even more, I cannot believe, that since they have my name and phone number, the sales manager has not called me to see about that episode.

So, due to their sales techniques and tactics and their lack of concern for disgruntled potential customers, I now say to you, "Stay as far away from Keystone Chevrolet as you possibly can. Don't step foot on their lot even if they say they are GIVING their cars away because there will be a catch."

Oh, and don't forget their exorbitant "Documentation Fee", whatever that is.

For pity sakes.

PS: I sent this post to GM Corporate Headquarters. I seriously doubt they will do anything either.


Monk-in-Training said...

the manager did not get on to this guy because he is following what he is told to do.

the indignantion tactic is well known and spreading among car salesmen. at times people 'feel bad' and try to 'make it better', and the sales guy has you.

good for you.

Kevin Bussey said...


I would like to "earn your bidness." :)

Anonymous said...

When we returned from EA the Lord blessed us with exactly the opposite. We needed a car right then, that day. We got up early, checked the internet, and found 31 2-3 yr old Tauruses listed for around $9K. When the salesman showed us one we liked, he said the asking price was $12K. J told him about the ads in the paper, so he went to his desk and looked them up. "Yep, you're right" he said. "Guess we need to drop our price a few thousand." They did and we drove away in a 18-month old Taurus for $9K.
So there are a (very) few good guys out there.
B & J S

Anonymous said...

He treated you that way because he didn't know you are a professional 'hupper.' Seems like he needs to be alligator bait!

B & J S

Fran said...

I suggest you give them a copy of the DVD "FLYWHEEL". Pray they recognize it's not to late to change the way they do business :)

Quinn Hooks said...

I have decided to keep my 2003 Ford Taurus and wife's 1989 BMW 525 running as long as possible. I just don't feel like putting up with these antics.