Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat Wave

Boy! It is HOT!!

I took a snapshot of my screen a few minutes ago and saw that the Wagoner temperature was 103!

It doesn't look like it is going to get any better. Here is this week's forecast:

In fact, we are under an "Excessive Heat Warning" because of the high humidity and high dew point levels:


Rick Boyne said...

When I published this post and refreshed the blog, the local temp had gone to 104!

selahV said...'s hot in Lawton, too. Spent three hours at the Water-park today with the grandkids. Really nice. The pavement was hot enough to fry potatoes in the suntan oil, though. selahV

Anonymous said...

Wimp! You used to tear apart crates with the vultures hovering in heat hotter than this when we lived in Africa!!!!


Rick Boyne said...

Sally, ;-)

SelahV, I feel sorry for those who HAVE to work outside!

Anonymous said...

Jack, one of our most regular church members here in Boca, lives in his car. Has for over 10 years. He's used to it, and he fits in well at church, so it's a non-issue. Anyway, he can't sleep in his car when it's hot, so he moves up north. With these temperatures, I hope he's made it up to Quebec.