Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Week of Silence

No, not a self-imposed blog-fast. No, I have had LOTS to talk about this week. No, there is all kinds of funny things still happening to me. (why me, btw?) Yes, I have been very busy this week, but not too busy to blog.

So why the week of silence?

I really don't know. I have been rather melancholy this week. To be honest, I think that I have been afflicted by my enemy. While he is clever, he has not been victorious. While he knows how to attack, he is not triumphant.

God has done some absolutely amazing things this week. I honestly believe the words of my former pastor, Dr. Thom Wolf "the greater the extent you go to fulfill the Great Commission in your life, the greater extent you will see God at work in your life". I also believe that there is a second part to that statement: the greater the extent you will see Satan at work against you.

I don't claim demonic attacks or anything like that. However, many, many people in my church have been experiencing/exhibiting bad attitudes this week. Frustration levels have been high and tolerance levels have been low. It wasn't a "bad" week, so to speak, but it wasn't a great one either.

I am very excited about our new church start. I am very excited about our first VBS in 5 or 6 years. I am very excited about something else new that has happened in the past couple of days which I am not at liberty to discuss just yet. But let me tell you, if it works out, IT IS A "GOD THING!"

My silence this week on my blog is the direct result of my simply not feeling like saying anything. It has been hard enough to deal with people who aren't happy about things or who are being very petty about petty things. It has been hard enough to come up with messages for Wednesday and Sunday.

However, I commit myself to say "God is in control". I say this because it is true and because I need to say it. I will admit to discouragement this week. I will not admit to defeat!

God is on His throne!


Matt Harmless said...

Well, it is always good to hear from you.

And I get what you are saying when you say, "... and because I need to say it..."

Good post.

Bill (cycleguy) said...


Missed hearing from you. Certainly understand the "under fire" from the enemy thought. Dangerous prayers are said for you every day.

Rick Boyne said...

Matt and Bill,

Thanks, guys! God bless!

TheStormentGirl said...

Be still and KNOW...