Friday, June 29, 2007

Weird Week

This has been a very interesting week, to say the least. Sunday, I finalized my resignation. Monday, the whole family headed out to Wagoner to help the church paint the inside of the parsonage. Wednesday, Emily and I headed to Tulsa to the dentist and to pick up some suits. Thursday, Sally and Audrey head to the dentist in Tulsa. (We are all cavity free, PTL!) They couldn't do us all at one time, so we got two different dates. It stormed to hard yesterday that our phone service went out. My dad's mother got very ill and was transported to Muskogee Regional Hospital and is in ICU with pneumonia. I also went by the Muskogee Baptist Association and picked up a new desk top computer that they are donating to Immanuel. Today, we all went to Tulsa to buy some living room furniture and shop for a fridge. We bought a nice one from a nice lady at "Rooms Today". Tomorrow, we are headed to Branson with my best friend from Kindergarten, Martin. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some pictures next week when we get back.

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