Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fantastic Saturday

This has been a great Saturday. First of all, we all slept in REAL late. What a luxuary! Then, Sally and Audrey decide to go get their hair done. Emily stayed here with me and we watched a little Nickelodeon together. I fined tuned (ha) the sermons I'm supposed to give tomorrow, then decided that since the weather was so nice I would mow the lawn. (Nothing runs like a Deere). Sally and Audrey got home sportin' their new do's. We all loaded up in the Tracer and went to town for a Sonic treat! We really did it up big, too. After the Sonic, we thought we'd take a drive since the evening was absolutely beautiful. We headed out towards Talequah and found gas for $2.99 per gallon. (It is pretty bad when you are excited about something like that!)

Anyway, after we got home, the kids discovered lightening bugs, so they went out to catch a few.

What a great day!

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