Friday, August 25, 2006

Sitting at the airport in BKK

I really hate paying for internet use. You can get free wireless practically all over China, but you must pay extortion prices to use the internet anywhere in Thailand. OK, that is off my chest now.

I really enjoyed my visit to Chiang Mai. I got to see many friends, some on purpose; some by blessing. I was able to purchase a few little things that we miss from Thailand. I was able to eat at a few places that I really like and miss in HK. But, I am now on my way home to Hong Kong. It is a good thing, too, because I miss all three of my girls. (and I want to give 'em the loot I bought)

I'm sitting here in the Bangkok ((BKK) airport, probably for the very last time; at least in this particular airport. The new one is supposed to open on September 28. (Emily's birthday, coincidentally) I have been in and out of this airport many times, but it is simply worn out. Of course, they have pretty well quit doing anything for it since they started building the new one. This one isn't laid out well. It isn't pretty. It offers little beyond the "Duty Free" shops when you are in the international section.

I can only hope the new one is as nice as the Hong Kong International Airport.

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