Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Third Culture Kids refers to the phenomenon of children who are raised overseas not really fitting in the host culture, but not feeling a part of the parent's culture either. I have two TCKs in my house!

We were deciding what snacks to buy at the grocery store the other day and the kids decided to pick up some dried seaweed. Now, technically, there isn't anything wrong with seaweed. I have eaten it many times. I don't like it, don't prefer it and wouldn't buy it for myself, but it won't kill you. However, Audrey was especially keen on keeping some in the house so that she could take it to school for a snack.

In the words of my dear sweet little mother, "God love her".


Global Oklahoman said...

For Zach, it is fish ball soup. He is going to seriously miss it in Texas! Granted, not as bad as seaweed, but something i won't miss at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the other thing Audrey wanted was the dried squid...