Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wonderful Day

Today, I had the happy honor and privilege to baptize my younger daughter, Emily. She asked Jesus into her heart about two years ago, but has been a little scared to be baptized. She decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to be baptized at our big meeting this week. So, this afternoon, at about 1:30 pm, we went to the small pool nearest the hotel and in front of 40-50 witnesses, she was obedient in baptism. It was a most happy day!

I asked her if she would prefer to be baptized in the ocean, because I thought that would be a cool memory. She asked me if people could hear her answers if we were in the ocean. I told her that they probably wouldn't be able to. She said "then I want to be baptized in the pool, so I can tell everyone that I have asked Jesus in my heart!"


Global Oklahoman said...

What great news!

Matt Harmless said...

That is completely awesome.