Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thanks, Don

Don Knotts at age 81, died in LA of lung cancer. I have watched Don my whole life. His Barney Fife made me laugh, and still makes me laugh.

I love all the times that Barney got into trouble and Andy had to get him out. I read where the episode with the "Kerosene Pickles" and the one where Barney wants to sing in the church choir were his favorite episodes. I also like the one where he gets the motorcycle with the sidecar. Not to mention "Citizen's Arrest".

Besides Barney Fife, I loved him in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken". I think that is my favorite Knotts movie. I also like "The Shakiest Gun in the West".

Don Knotts may have passed on, but mark my words, as long as there is television, Barney Fife will live on forever.

Thanks, Don, for all the years and years of happy laughter.

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