Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Day Trip

We loaded up the kids in the family truckster and took out for a nice drive. We went north on Hwy 107 to Chiang Dao. Now, this is not the same as Qingdao, China. It was an absolutely beautiful drive through the mountains. We passed by an elephant preservation camp and saw around 15 elephants standing by the road. There were two calfs and one looked like he may have been born in the last week or two. Later on in the drive, we passed a sign (in Thai) that said something like: "Caution: Elephant crossing" and had a picture of an elephant. That isn't something you normally see just every day. We also saw lots of "evidence" that elephants had been walking down the road. Big evidence.

We don't have much else planned for to celebrate New Years. We wil just stay at home and listen to the neighbors shooting off fireworks.

Anyway, you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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