Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four years ago

Four years ago a group of fanatics changed the world. Like it or not, they did. I certainly don't like it. Imagine what a group of fanatics could do who had righteousness on their mind.

I'm tired of all the nonsense that this change has brought. I am sickened by people who think that they can make a positive change with violence.

Here is my message to the families of those who hijacked those planes: "Your sons died in vain".

Here is my messge to the families and survivors of the attacks: "God forbid that political correctness prevents the networks from showing the crashes and the falling towers. The dead deserve more than that".

Here is my message to those who scheme violence in the future in the name of Allah: "God is love; killing people does not get your point across. Don't be stupid. Or evil."

OK, enough preaching for today.

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