Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Homeward Bound!

Yahoo!!!!! We just got authorization to make a trip to the US for a little vacation in late July! We are working on itineraries now, but the current one we are planning would get us into Tulsa near noon on July 18th. I can see a trip to El Chico's on the way home from the airport!

Someone asked me what I wanted to do, see, and/or buy while I am in the States.
1) hug my mom
2) go fishing with dad
3) see my family & friends
4) go to:
a> El Chico's
b> Daylight Donut => then Krispy Kreme
c> Wal-Mart
d> El Chico's
5) buy:
a> Griffin's Waffle Syrup
b> new under-drawers & socks
c> a hand-held wind-o-meter (would like this one, will settle for this one)
d> OU Sooner paraphernalia
e> I'm too giddy to think about anything else right now...

Wow, I can't wait to see my mom. I'm not looking forward to the 11.5 hour flight from Tokyo to DFW. (13.5 DFW to Tokyo!)

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