Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things that really matter

You begin to think about the things that really matter when you hear about folks with REAL problems. Yesterday, I heard that one of my friends went out to a national park here in Thailand to celebrate Chinese New Year's with the whole family. They went to have a picnic at a waterfall. Their son, John, slipped and fell. Evidently, it was quite a fall because he ended up under water for several minutes. His father jumped down to try and save him and was hurt in the process. The father administered CPR but John never regained conciousness. The word this morning was that he was in a coma with brain swelling and internal injuries.

John died this afternoon. He was nine years old and had been in the same class as my daughter. We have known their family for 7 years.

Please pray for this family as they deal with the loss of a child. May God preserve them, keep them, and comfort them.

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