Thursday, February 24, 2005

Foreign cars

I saw a car today that looked a lot like this one. It's color was about like this. I hadn't seen a car like this in a LONG TIME. It kind of surprised me, being here in Thailand.

I saw it as I was filling up with gas for my Toytota truck. (Filling up is kind of a mis-nomer, as they ran out of gas while they were filling my tank. I ended up 3/4ths full.) Anyway, the first thought that struck me was "wow, there is an American car". I then thought "gee, I guess it is considered a foreign import here". Then I went on to think "well, all of the cars here are foreign imports" as Thailand doesn't have any "home grown" car companies. I have heard that Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi have assemply plants here, but they are still considered "imports". I suppose that a Thai person in the USA couldn't just glance up and say, "wow, there is a Thai car". Kinda sad, really.

By the way, the car pictured is a 1968 Buick Wildcat. I did a Google image search until I found one that looks close. I don't really know if it was actually that model or not.

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