Sunday, November 14, 2004

Safe & Sound

I received word today that all of my friends in the Ivory Coast have been safely evacuated to Lome, Togo. PTL!

One very humorous story coming from the trip: The BM in Togo actually chartered a cargo plane to carry them to safety. The plane had to land in Accra, Ghana, because the pilot realized that they didn't have enough fuel to make it just a little further to Lome. They were on the ground for about three hours trying to arrange fuel. They ended up negotiating with the US Embassy and the French military to buy fuel, but the pilot didn't have any money. Of the the "passengers" ended up loaning the pilot enough money to buy the fuel. It is reported that the pilot actually paid the money back when they landed in Lome.

The moral of this story: make sure your escape plane has enough gas to get you all the way to safety.

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