Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Third Party Voting

Are you  fed up with the two party system? Do you feel that voting for either party is essentially the same and are considering voting for a third party? According to ballotpedia.org "As of August 31, 2020, there are 1,186 candidates who filed to run, including:

  • 323 Democratic candidates
  • 163 Republican candidates
  • 65 Libertarian candidates
  • 23 Green candidates"

They layout their case that there are only four "notable" candidates and parties:

Biden (D)

Trump (R)

Jorgensen (L)

Hawkins (G)

For many people, it comes down to issues. For some, it comes down to the character of the candidate. We can debate all we want, but the reality is, a third party vote is essentially wasted.  I wish it wasn't, but it is. The third party votes by conservatives fed up with their party only subtracts from the more conservative of the two. Third party votes by moderates fed up with their party, only subtracts from the more moderate of the two.

In reality, the decision for most people is between Trump and Biden.

For me, and most Americans who don’t actually hate a candidate, we have a few months to determine for ourselves, who is the better man for the job.

On the one hand, there is the incumbent who has an ego like Nebuchadnezzar. He’s definitely not a politician but seems to care about his country.

On the other hand, the challenger is a career politician who has some genuine cognitive issues. His character flaws are as blatant as the incumbent’s but his concern for our country seems to be along party lines.

Does character matter? Absolutely! Do issues matter? You better believe it!  What about voting your conscience? Sure, if you want your vote to ensure the one you dislike the most wins. Isn't that a cop out? Not if you look at reality and know that either Biden or Trump is going to win. There is no way for a third party candidate to win, at least not in THIS election.

Reality says it’s going to be one of the characters from the two party system. Voting your conscience for a third party candidate is only good in your opinion.

One of these years, I would love to have a candidate that I truly supported rather than voting against someone. I suppose I will support Trump, but I certainly don't like everything about him. And I certainly wish he would have someone monitor his Tweets...

Nevertheless, I urge you to look back at a post I made a few years ago,  My Grandmother Was a Life-Long Democrat.  Of course, vote your conscience. But don't waste you vote!

And, no matter who is president, don't forget to pray for them and for our country!

God Bless America!

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