Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Racism? Hate Speech? Seriously?

When I was critical of Obama, I was accused of hate speech. When I express approval for Trump, I am accused of hate speech. Yet, actual threats and hate speech towards POTUS45 are not just ignored, but encouraged.
I found out today, that anyone who rooted for the Rams in the Superbowl was against Trump and anyone who rooted for the Patriots was racists and pro-Trump. That's news to me. And, that is just about the silliest thing I've ever heard.
I really thought things were improving after the disaster called the Obama Administration. He single-handedly set back race-relations 100 years and placed incredible moral stumbling blocks for the easily influenced in the form of gender/sexuality/marriage ambiguities.

Is it all Obama's fault? Of course not. But he certainly wasn't America's savior.

Is Trump America's savior? Of course not. But at least he doesn't hate America.
A few days ago, I was accused of being a racist because I suggested someone check their facts. CHECK THEIR FACTS. Wow.

Let's give this racism/hate speech card a rest for a little while. Maybe we just all need a break from Facebook and Twitter....

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