Saturday, March 22, 2014

Serendipitous Ruminations

There have been several thoughts banging around in this empty head of mine; I need to get them in print. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Any attempt to gain revenue by normalizing or legalizing a vice has proved counter-productive in the State of Oklahoma. First it was "Liquor by the drink", then para-mutual horse racing, then Indian casinos, then the lottery. They are looking at legalizing marijuana. What's next legalized prostitution?
  • I visited the Jewish Art Museum in Tulsa yesterday. In their holocaust exhibition, they noted that Henry Ford was antisemitic and for a time, place antisemitic literature in the glove box of each new car he sold.
  • The birth certificate that the White House presented as Obama's ORIGINAL birth certificate doesn't look anything like my original birth certificate. (He was born two years before me) It does, however, look like a copy of my birth certificate that I got back in the 1980's. We are being lied to.
  • I am appalled at the attempt to normalize homosexuality.  Anyone who stands against this abomination is labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.  I have felt more hate directed at me for my views on homosexuality (which are in line with the Bible) than for any of my other opinions. For those who tout tolerance, they aren't very tolerant of me.
  • The gun control issue isn't about guns; it's about control. The cities with the highest homicide rates are those with the strictest gun control. I really think they are afraid that they might lose their tyrannical power by allowing us to maintain our 2nd Amendment right. Wait a minute! Isn't that what the 2nd Amendment is all about?
  • If it wasn't so pitiful and sad, I would find it hysterically amusing that homosexual "couples", especially lesbian couples, must have one partner who assumes the male role and one who assumes the female role. I've seen numerous "wedding" pictures where one of the women is dressed as a man and the other in a bridal dress. 
  • Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate and violence. Allah is not the same as the One true God of the Bible. It embodies the spirit of the antichrist. 
  • I find it interesting that Hollywood's portrayal of lesbians is very very different from reality. Hollywood shows two slim, hot women who are extremely feminine and sensual; Walmart and the news show two obese decidedly butch and unattractive women. Then again, Hollywood has never been good at portraying reality.
  • National Democratic politicians scream "racism" at every opportunity, but their own policies and programs are extremely racist, especially against African Americans. Their support of Planned Parenthood has killed more African Americans than the KKK could have ever imagined.
  • I don't trust anyone in the current administration. Something is afoot.
  • GENERALLY, churches with the words Liberty, Grace, Free, or Abundant are filled with anything but grace. It OFTEN denotes extreme legalism.
  • I'll bet that the missing Malaysian Airlines plane is in Pakistan.
  • One of the things that irk me most is church people who do something wrong, get caught, then lie about it, usually implicating someone else (often the preacher). Pride is so evil.
  • Smokers are generally, some of the most selfish people you will ever meet. There is nothing worse than an angry militant smoker who demands their right to smoke, no matter the place or present company. They don't recognize that their addiction truly makes a slave of them to nicotine. And there is no way to hide it. You can't smoke at home or in the car and then cover it up with perfume; that doesn't work.
  • I believe the Return of Jesus is eminent. Possibly by the end of next year.  Are you ready?

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