Friday, September 23, 2011

The Unraveling of America

Well, it's been a wonderful experiment, but it's just about over now. Many great things has happened in it's 235 year run.

Numerous advances in medicine and science amazed the world and brought good things to mankind.

However, the basic principles of freedom have slowly been eroded or corrupted or abused to undermine the very intention of the founding fathers.

Slowly but surely, good has become evil and evil, good.  Lies have become truth and truth, hate.  Those who speak truth have been labeled as bigots, intolerant, or haters.

The words of those who established this experiment have been twisted and used, in essence, against them.

But, the end is near. Hardly any person elected to oversee this experiment remembers what the experiment was all about. They have become self-interest seekers and "for profit" politicians.  It almost begs that a grand conspiracy is underway; not necessarily the crazy idea of those who are paranoid.  The leader even appears to be hell-bent on hastening the end of the experiment.

The very fiber of this experiment is unraveling.

It would be  easy to blame it on liberalism, or atheistic leadership, or even a more devious entity.

But it is our fault.

Under the guise of Freedom of Religion, we let "them" remove God and prayer from our schools, government, and finally our own lives, and are allowing the substitution of false religions, false gods and idolatry to rule.

Under the guise of Freedom of Speech, we've allowed profanity, pornography, and propaganda rule the airways which continually erode senses of morality and decency.

Under the guise of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we've granted the homosexual agenda free access to our children and a pseudo-legitimate status that will only increase until it  becomes the norm, instead of the ab-norm is has always been.

We have elected ungodly leaders. We have adopted an ungodly attitude of tolerance and political correctness.  We have brought this on ourselves.

It will only get worse because, now, I believe, God is judging America for our choices.

Instead of actually following the national motto, "In God We Trust", we have replaced the trust of God with money, power, and pleasure.

God is jealous and will not tolerate the worship of others and will not share His glory with anyone or anything.

We have a choice to make. We can gripe and complain and maintain status quo and accept God's punishment, or we can change and conform to God's will and accept God's punishment.

How stupid of us to get punished and not be paying attention enough to change.

God is in control.

soli deo gloria
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