Friday, June 03, 2011

KJV 1611 Affordable Alternative

We went shopping for the girls some summer clothes for Falls Creek last night in Muskogee.  At the Walmart, I found a copy of the KJV 1611 400 Anniversary Edition for $4.96!

The white part at the bottom is just a half dust jacket.

Now, it is EXTREMELY important to note that it isn't the greatest copy in the world. In fact, it isn't even complete. 

It does provide pages and pages of the original indices, but it doesn't contain the Apocrypha, like the original.

It appears to have been photocopied, page by page and bound in a fairly cheap binding.  It is much smaller than the original.

The first page of Proverbes

Also, I had to search through their big box to find one without some problems.  The first one I selected, already had a broken binding near the base of the spine.

The second one I selected was inserted into the binding upside down; that is, if you open the book up regularly, you had to turn it upside down to read it.

I looked through several of them and saw that particular printing error.

In any case, it is quite a coup to be able to find a photocopy of the original for less than $5!


Monk-in-Training said...

At the park where we feed homeless people, last night, I met a KJVO Baptist person from Claremore. Was an interesting conversation.

He was nice, and pleasant, but definitely on board with KJVO.

:) bet his didn't have the Apocrypha either. How do they get around that?

Rick Boyne said...

I don't know how they do KJVO! ;)

Tim Tillinghast said...

Wycliffe UK and a bunch of other organizations in the UK have a campaign around the 400 TH ANNIVERSARY called " Bible fresh", I believe. It has som eneat materials.
Don't have a link here on my phone, but Google it.