Saturday, April 02, 2011

1866 Steinway Piano

Sally and I found something so fabulous today, I simply had to take pictures and share it with you.  At Saied's Music in Tulsa, they had an 1866 Steinway 8 1/2 ft concert grand piano.

It had the original ivory keys and case. It stated that the strings, pegs, hammers and felt had been replaced, but everything else was original. The stool was of the era, but didn't seem to match.

The wood was stained and not painted. It had a delicate tone.  In a word, it was EXQUISITE!

Inside the case was the stamped plate pictured below:

It is an extremely rare piano.  Yours for only $45,000 or so.

The brand new one right next to it was $85K...

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