Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Muslim Activity

Here are some recent news bits from around the world involving the "religion of peace"....

Pakistan (Country threat level - 5): On 18 July 2010 a suicide bomber blew himself up near a Shiite mosque in Sargodha city in eastern Pakistan, killing at least one person and injuring several others. The bomber was able to evade security officers who were positioned in front of the mosque to guard against such attacks. Authorities allege that the attack is the latest in a string of bombings orchestrated by Sunni extremists against other non-Sunni Muslims.

Kenya (Country threat level - 4): Kenya is set to vote in a constitutional referendum on 4 August. The draft constitution contains several highly controversial clauses that have bitterly divided the proponents and the opposition. In particular, many Christians in Kenya are highly opposed to a clause that would allow abortions to save the life of the mother, and a clause that would allow Muslim courts a limited jurisdiction. The 13 June grenade attack targeted a group of Christians who had gathered to protest against the new constitution, and it is likely that two men most recently arrested may have been planning a reprisal attack against  proponents of the constitution. Early opinion polls indicate that a majority of Kenyans plan to vote in favor of the draft constitution..

Nigeria (Country threat level - 5): Early on 17 July 2010 suspected Fulani Muslims attacked the village of Mazzah, which is located approximately 9 mi/14 km from Jos, Plateau state, in northern Nigeria. Reports indicate that the heavily armed  attackers targeted the home of a Christian pastor and killed eight people, including the pastor’s wife, children and grandson. The perpetrators entered Mazzah between 0130 and 0500 local time and shot their weapons into the air to lure residents from their homes in order to kill them. Authorities have deployed soldiers to the area in an effort to prevent any additional violence. Violence between Christian and Muslim populations is common in northern Nigeria, and local rights groups report that as many as 1,500 people have been killed in such unrest so far in 2010.

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