Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let's Plant a Tree

The spring weather in Wagoner was absolutely perfect for most of Monday and, since the girls have "always wanted a weeping willow", I bought one and they wanted to plant it. The only thing I did was to open the hole and remove the sod; the girls did every bit of the rest of it. The only other thing I did was hold the tree upright while the girls put the soil around it. I was really proud of them for all their very hard work!

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Anonymous said...

Good job girls!

I grew up with a beautiful weeping willow in the backyard of my first home. Lived there up to fourth grade. I have many fond memories under the tree from playing in the little pool to keeping our ten bird dog puppies cool in the summer. I also remember when the big Oklahoma winds took the tree to the ground. : ( They are very shallow rooted. We just put that huge tree back up and tied it with heavy stakes. I'm sure it is thriving today.