Monday, January 07, 2008

Severe Weather

Well, it is almost like springtime in Oklahoma. Temperatures have been in the mid-70's all week. It has been very, very windy, but very very nice.

Tonight, a front is currently moving through. We have been under a tornado watch since early afternoon. There are currently 2 or three tornadoes on the ground right now in counties that surround our county (Wagoner). They are currently showing 6 counties under tornado warnings. All of the local stations have broken into regular programing and are only doing weather reporting right now.

One is on the ground and is moving in a direction that will be only a few miles from where my folks live (and where we stayed when we first came back to the US). For us, however, it appears that it will all go just to the south and east of us. We can see the lightening and hear the thunder, but it look like it won't hit us.

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