Sunday, October 21, 2007

Billy Gail's

A little way from our motel, we found Billy Gail's Cafe. OH MY GOODNESS!!! They served the biggest pancakes I have ever seen in my life! Take a look at these bad mamas! They literally hung off the plates! It was so much fun and they were really good. It was definately a place that I would recommend and that we would return to. I'll probably even make a post on the Hungry Traveler about this one!


Anonymous said...

I just sent you all a note but I think it is very funny that we were right under each other's noses this weekend! LOL! Your pics are fun. We have enjoyed YAKOV in the past. (FREE - thank you for one good perk for being an American Airlines employee!) He DOES love America. SDC - three days of it - and we're glad to be home now. We'll have to talk about shows with you. We've seen a bunch but maybe you've seen something we've not seen. There are some really choice productions there.

Anonymous said...

Wow, pancakes bigger than Rhode Island. Wata countree! We saw Yakov and Wayne Newton on July 4 at Firefall around 1995. Lotsa fun. Now, go to the Boardwalk at Hollywood, Florida, to the pizza cafe next to the band shell. You get a pizza the same size; it just rolls off the pan and droops all around it. Tastes good too!

Matt Harmless said...

That is awesome! I want one.