Friday, April 06, 2007


Yes, that's right! Snow in Oklahoma. Not much, but snow nonetheless!

It started with a cold front (obviously) that pushed its way through Oklahoma yesterday. By noon, it was snowing in Vinita and we received a phone call from Grandma gloating about it. By 3 or so, my sister, Pam, called and just went on and on about how pretty it was. By 9 pm, the girls were in bed (obviously) and I looked out. It was kind of snowing-kind of sleeting, but the top of the car was white. I got the girls up to look at it. Audrey was elated. Emily looked like Clark W. Griswold when he looked at the Grand Canyon in Vacation; kind of a "yep, it's snowing all right", then went back to bed.

Well, it didn't snow much and there wasn't any evidence left this morning when we got up. But, BOY IT WAS COLD! Sally and I had lunch at El Chico's, and when we came out of the restaurant, it was spitting snow again. The girls said they saw it at school, too, so I was glad for that.

We drove up to Vinita for tonight and Saturday. Grandma had a cake and present for Audrey's birthday (next Wednesday) and we had fajitas for supper.

In the mean time, have a very Happy Resurrection Day!

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