Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Great Time in Shenzhen

Well, Shekou, actually.

It got off to a rough start when I took the "wrong" ferry to Shenzhen. How was I to know that there were three different ferry ports. The one I took, at least wasn't the farthest one away. I took the one to the airport which turned out to be about 50 km from where I needed to go. I had a hard time getting a taxi to where I needed to go because I thought it was only a mile or two and the taxi driver knew it was a long way. I offered a 10th of what the fare should have been and he refused to take me. I finally got someone on the phone who bargained with another taxi driver to get me there at a correct price. When we arrived, after nearly an hour drive, I remembered I hadn't changed any money yet. Thank goodness he too my HK money!

I must say I was impressed with the school and with the area around the school. It looks like I will be going there once per week for to study language. I think it is going to be a great experience.

I am very happy to see that the school and the hotel I will stay at are in a very modern, built-up area. In fact, here is a picture of where I had lunch:

Within the same area are Starbuck's, KFC, Subway, McD's, Pizza Hut, a Mexican restaurant, two Italian restaurants, and several Brazilian BBQ's! The Hungry Traveler should get a good work out in the months to come.

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