Monday, January 23, 2006


CPAP: what a wonderful/horrible invention!

Wonderful: I am sleeping and dreaming! I wake up refreshed! I feel "good". I am resting.

Horrible: It's like wrestling with the devil. My wife calls me "Darth Vader".

It has already made me realize how bad my situation was, that is, I am getting rested up to the point to see how tired I really am. I am now out of the "numb" stage of fatique; I am now in the painful rest recovery stage.

All in all, a good thing.


Global Oklahoman said...

what is cpap?

Mgam said...

I've got a CPAP too! I feel your pain! I've been using it since September but I've had a hard time adjusting to sleeping with it as I'm a stomach sleeper. Good luck!