Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Last night, about 10 pm, I was headed out to the grocery store to buy some icing for cupcakes for my kids' class parties today. Anyway, as I was leaving the house, I noticed something in the yard. I took a closer look and it was a little bat. It had a body about the size of a regular house mouse and had about an 8-10 inch wing span. It appeared to be wounded, or at leasted stunned, because it couldn't fly away. I picked it up with a little fish net thing and took a closer look at it. I could tell that its heart was beating awfully fast, so I put it back down on the grass again. It kind of scooted away, but didn't fly away. This morning, it was gone.

It was interesting to get that close to "wild" nature. Obviously, I have seen bats before, but I have never been that close to a live one. I was amazed at how much it looked like a mouse with wings.

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