Monday, May 02, 2005

Horrible Bus Ride

Today, I took a bus from Kunming to Qujing, in Yunnan Province, China. It was the worst bus ride of my life! First of all, we had the very back seats in the bus which is always bumpier than the rest of the bus. Then, have you ever been to the supermarket and got the shopping cart with the "wogity-wogity" wheel? Well, we got the bus with the "wogity-wogity" wheel. One (or more) of the back wheels were severely out of balance and the whole back end of the bus shook when we got over 60 kph. I normally don't get car sick, but, to be honest, I did everything I could to not be sick. One little kid in particular "blew chunks" more than once; the second time, all over his mom. Yuck! There were many people who got sick on this bus. Thank goodness it was a non-smoking bus or I really would have been sick. Chinese public buses have "stewardesses" who assist you along the trip. This stewardess passed out bottles of water and plastic 'bus sick' bags. It was pretty gross.

We made it on in to Qujing where we had a wonderful lunch and a great tour of this little city. It is supposedly the second largest city in Yunnan with about 1.5 million people. It has a KFC, but the westernization stops there!

Tomorrow, we are headed back to Kunming to catch another bus to Yuxi. Hopefully, the bus ride tomorrow will be lots better!

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