Monday, April 04, 2005

Subway Sandwich Survey

I am playing receptionist here at the office since all of our Thai staff are off for a couple days. Someone ordered some subs from Subway. While it is good, it seems awfully expensive, especially by Chiang Mai standards. It was 109 baht or at today's exchange rate (39.11) $2.79 for a 6" BMT, no drinks, no chips, no cookies.

So, lets take a little impromtu informal survey. How much does a 6" Subway sub cost in your neck of the woods? Please respond in the comments with the price in US$ and your location.


Anonymous said...

Subway down here cost too much i mean i know hundreds of people love them its just that we not makin enough money to enjoy a day out at subway i love them if i had the money i would eat the subway club are the bmt everyday now times are so hard we only can afford the dollar menu at burger king are mcdonalds. get a dollar menu plz for low class people like us plz.

Rick Boyne said...


Thank you for taking time to comment on my post.

I don't work for Subway; I have no control over their menu or prices. I was just asking how much a BMT sandwich costs in various parts of the world.