Monday, January 24, 2005

Thanks, Johnny

I am sad to hear that Johnny Carson died today. I sure did enjoy watching the Tonight Show while I was growing up.

I have one "close encounter" Johnny Carson story. When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked at Graybar Electric Company. I was in the management training program. Part of the training was to make deliveries. One of my deliveries was to the NBC Studios. Well, one day, I had a small little box to deliver to an area that I had never been to before. So, I tooled my cool little delivery truck into a "secured" parking lot, but my delivery bill gave me access. There were no guest parking places and only one delivery space. A UPS truck was parked there. So, I whipped my little Graybar truck into the only available space I could find. It was a really good space; right next to the door. Only problem was it was marked with "Johnny Carson". As I looked around, the next space was David Horowitz, and then two or three other famous NBC folks. Well, it wasn't 2 seconds and there was some little security guard telling me I had to leave because I was parked in Mr. Carson's spot. I told the guard that I only needed someone to sign for the delivery and I'd be on my way. He INSISTED that I move the truck before looking for someone sign. It was like 8:30 am and I knew that "Mr. Carson" probably wouldn't be there that early and the security guard was probably a little paranoid for his job and a little enthusiastic in making sure that "Mr. Carson's spot" was secure. I asked him what time "Johnny" got to work. He said "Mr. Carson" arrived at little after one or two pm. I said, "well, that is more than enough time for me to get someone to sign for the box and I can be on my way before Johnny gets to work." This drove the poor little security guard wild! He began to scream at me to move the truck and move it now. I simply looked at him, locked my doors, and went inside for the signature. I came out to see a little guard guy about to have a coronary. I thanked him for making sure my truck was safe, got in the vehicle, waved, and left.

I never did get to see Johnny Carson. :-(

Thanks, Johnny, for all the laughs!

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